Clean Room Environments

When a clean room is your top priority, Columbus McKinnon helps environments stay hygienic.

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When lifting heavy containers for storage or transportation, performing maintenance on production machinery, or ergonomically positioning loads in process, you need material handling products that get the job done easily and safely while also being a "clean" solution.

Columbus McKinnon offers a complete line of hoist and rigging solutions designed to meet the needs of the food and beverage industry. With options including stainless steel chain and hooks, FDA approved finishes, and food-grade chain lubricants, we have everything you need to move and lift your goods.

Custom, Low-Headroom Hoist Solution for Clean Room Applications

Producing baby formula is no easy task especially when considering equipment maintenance in a clean room environment. Discover how a baby formula manufacturer used our specialty designed Chester Hoist.


Featured Brands

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Can you spot the Telemotive XLTX radio remote control? Watch closely among the sea of white in NASA’s Clean Room as scientists work on the James Webb Space Telescope with the help of one of the Magnetek brand advanced radio remote control systems.

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Experience the proven CM brand Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist performance in any clean room, from basic wipe down applications to complete wash-down environments. The Lodestar provides reliability and consistency for a wide array of applications.

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Clean Room, Chemical & Food Processing Industry Solutions

The chemical and food processing industries often require a clean working environment where contamination can potentially be catastrophic. At Columbus McKinnon, we’ve developed a range of hoists and motion control products designed to meet the needs of both chemical and food processing plants.