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Learn More About Duff-Norton Screw Jacks

Industrial screw jacks are used to lift, position (push, pull, tilt, roll, etc.) and support all kinds of loads. Some applications where our screw jacks have been used include plastics machinery, beverage bottling systems, aircraft assembly and paper production.

Duff-Norton’s collection of screw jacks range from mini screw jacks supporting up to 1,000 pounds to acme screw jacks with a capacity up to 350 tons and everything in between. Learn about our machine and ball screw jacks.

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Discover the Benefits of Smart Actuators

Smart linear actuators combine intelligent solutions with robust machinery to enable easy installation, configuration, and operation so systems can get up and running quickly and perform reliably. By incorporating these intelligent capabilities, such as those available from a variable frequency drive (VFD) or electronic programmable limit switches (EPLS), smart actuators become easier to set up, operate, adjust, troubleshoot, and monitor.


Kern Steel was asked for an aircraft maintenance system that could accommodate various aircraft models. This system required a combination of walk ways, stairs and working platforms along with the ability to adjust the height of each platform in order to reach standard maintenance areas from cockpit to tail.

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Essentials Platform Screw Jack

The Essentials Platform Screw Jack is a robust, cost effective solution developed with safety in mind. The limited screw lengths and options make this screwe jack easy to specify and configure. Learn more and request a quote for your application!

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IP Ratings: Using Linear Actuators In Challenging Environments

When operating a linear actuator in a challenging environment, such as a mining operation, there are several things you’ll need to consider.

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Over a Century of Smart Positioning & Process Solutions

Since 1883, Duff-Norton has earned a reputation for reliable, high-quality products that meet the industrial lifting, positioning and transfer needs of our worldwide customers.


Both our standard and custom-designed products are subjected to the same rigorous testing throughout the design process to assure maximum performance and quality. We have been ISO 9001 registered since 1994, and practice and conduct lean initiatives regularly.